99.9999% zinc ingot manufacturers

Posted on: March 8, 2018
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Posted by: uondh5
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High purity zinc pellets Parameter ParameterParameter Value SymolZn Atomic Number30 Atomic Weight65.39 Density7.14g/cm2 Melting Point419.5℃ Boiling Point907℃ Colorsilver gray Features The zinc content over 99.9995% purity. High purity. light intensity of colours. Organization close. There is no slag. Void-free Corrosion resistance Dissolve the uniform Advantage good calendering wear resistance corrosion resistance anti-electromagnetic field performance Sample No.Original No.Al(w/%)As(w/%)Bi(w/%)Cd(w/%) 0012017010502<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001 Cr(w/%)Cu(w/%)Fe(w/%)Mg(w/%) <0.0001<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001 Ni(w/%)Pb(w/%)Sb(w/%)Sn(w/%) <0.0001<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001 Test BasisAl,As,Bi,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mg,Pb.Sb,Sn:ICP-MS(QB-YQ-54-2012); Cr:ICP-MS(QB-YQ-53-2012);Ni:ICP-MS(QB-YQ-52-2012) Application Major applications of zinc include : Iron and steel Metallurgy Machinery Electrical Chemical Light industry Mili
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